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Cream of broccoli soup on a plate Vegetable split pea soup on a wooden background Olives and clises of cheese ,shallow dof Refreshments traditional food Tomato cross Sheet of tomato over glass Sheet of tomato detail over glass Refreshments traditional food Refreshments traditional food Refreshments traditional food Mushroom growing in forest Dishwasher ready for use Putting Dishes back into Cabinet Loading dinner plates into the lower dish rack of dishwasher Holding frying pan with green cloth Overhead view of deep fried fish in plate on rustic wooden table Fresh Fish Fillets ready to cook Steamed whole lobster and garnishes on white serving plate ready Steamed whole lobsters ready to server for dinner  Meat Slicer with Smoked Ham Silverware set and napkin for seasonal holiday on aged white woo Shrimp Pasta Dish with Wine Fresh Pasta with large shrimp Gourmet creamy Shrimp Pasta Traditional breakfast in the Balkans, burek with meat on wrapping paper Hand seasoning vegetables with pepper Stirring vegetables in Frying Pan with wooden spoon Stir fry chicken and mixed vegetables ready to eat Steamed fish and garnishes on white serving plate ready to eat Large steamed crab in pot on stove Stacked Korean Green Onion Pancakes Ready to Eat Spicy red hot Chile peppers with chicken and vegetables dish Spicy red hot Chile peppers with beef and vegetables dish Spicy cooked crab ready to serve on white plate with rustic wood Spicy chicken and noodles in white bowl on rustic wood Spicy cooked crab ready to serve on white background Spicy bacon and beef dish ready to eat Spicy Chinese noodle soup in glass bowl Spicy Chinese Chicken Dish with Bowl of Rice Chinese Spicy Chicken Dish in white bowl Smoked wild salmon slices with seasoning herbs on natural black Smoked salmon slices and seasoning on natural black stone backgr Smoked salmon fillets on marble stone countertop Freshly Smoked Salmon in natural wooden setting Smoked Smoke ready to serve Freshly Smoked Salmon ready to eat on wooden server Sliced duck meat in small bowl ready to eat  Sliced chicken ready to eat Sliced chicken in small bowl ready to eat  Sliced chicken and dipping sauces on white serving plate ready t Fillet of Wild Sockeye Salmon in Wax Paper Simple dinner and silverware setting on rustic wood background Simple dinner and silverware setting along with nature decoratio Sesame chicken with vegetables ready to eat Seasonal Salmon prepared for cooking White Fish Fillets Seasoned for Cooking Dinner setting for fall season with burning candle plus real gou Saucy meatballs meal in white plate ready to eat Saucy meatball dish in white plate ready to eat Putting Sea Salt on Red Salmon Wild Salmon coated with Sea Salt and Peppercorn Wild Salmon being Place into Oven Fresh Salmon Sushi Fresh Salmon Fish Fillets with Herbs Red Salmon Egg Sushi Salad on White Plate with Place Mat underneath Fish Fillets ready to bake Fresh red salmon fillet on cedar cooking plank with spices and h Pasta dish with Shrimp in Fork Roasted sliced chicken and dipping sauces on white serving plate Roasted chicken slices with dipping sauces ready to eat Roasted Duck Asian Style Fresh Oven Roasted Whole Chicken with Parsley on Serving Plate Rice noodle and chicken dish ready to eat Red Wine with Salad for Dinner Red Salmon with Cutting Knife on Board Baking Salmon in Oven Fresh Red Salmon Fillets on Bambbo Board Peppercorns on Wild Salmon Dried Red Peppercorns and Wild Salmon Getting Sea Salt ready to season Salmon Pasta with shrimp and herbs in white dish Pasta with Large Shrimp and Basil Pan Fried Chinese Dumplings Overhead view of a nutritional fresh salad on rustic table Freshly cooked meatballs in red sauce Fresh Meatballs with Pasta in white dish Meatballs and Pasta Ready to Eat Meat wrapped in tofu with sauce and vegetables in serving plate Making Fresh homemade Chinese Dumplings Male hand holding freshly bread coated Meatball Homemade Asian Spring Rolls Raw Ingredients for making Chinese Dumplings Traditional Homemade Chinese Dumplings made from scratch Creating homemade Chinese Spring Rolls in kitchen Live Shrimp on Dock Colorful raw pasta on natural black slate in horizontal layout Fresh ingredients for cooking Asian Meal Healthy green salad in dark plate with rustic white wooden board Cooking Yams