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» Download your universal Model Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/model_release_ALL.jpg

» Download your universal Property Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/property_release_ALL.jpg

» Download your universal Property Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/talent_release_ALL.jpg

Model Releases

All images containing recognizable people require a model release. There are no exceptions. Look at the image and ask yourself “Could any of these people depicted recognize themselves in this picture?“ If so, you will need a model release. Sometimes the context of an image is enough to make a person recognizable, even if their face is not visible.

The most important things to remember are:

Lifeographies does not accept digitally created or digitally signed model releases. This includes using script fonts as signatures, e-signatures, or scanning signatures and then pasting them into the release.

Download your universal Model Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/model_release_ALL.jpg

Property Releases

Sometimes we will need to see a signed and witnessed property release indicating you have obtained permission to photograph a particular location, building, or object.

The requirements for a property release isn't as clear-cut as for a model release, because there is no specific right of privacy that attaches to property, as it does to people. Having said that, there are at least two reasons for obtaining property releases: a) on the theory that a person's identity might be connected to the property in question (such as where a person's property is used in a manner that might defame the person as owner); and b) on the basis that to use someone's property for commercial gain without their consent may amount to an offence called “conversion”. Also, if you go on someone's property to take a picture of them or their property, it could amount to trespass.

Lifeographies recommends that a Property Release be obtained when the image contains identifiable property wherever possible (this isn't just for houses, it could apply to pets, cars and other personal property. The more recognizable and unique the property (and the more the owner's identity might be connected to or determined from the property) the greater the need for a property release.

The Property Release needs to signed by the legal and beneficial owner(s) of the property or their authorized agent. Many of the same formalities apply as for Model Releases.

Download your universal Property Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/property_release_ALL.jpg

Editorial Use Only Images

Many of the restrictions on which images Lifeographies accepts have to do with the usages allowed by our standard content agreement. For example, we do not allow visible logos or trademarked items in our images because they will be used in commercial and advertising applications down the road.

Lifeographies also offers content under an Editorial Use Only license. “Editorial Use” means that an image will be used as a descriptive visual reference. An Editorial image shows a specific person, place, thing, or event —people use them to give examples of those specific people, places, things, or events.

Technically, every image at Lifeographies right now is already 'editorial', in that the standard content license agreement allows for editorial use. The Editorial Use Only license means that the image can only be used this way, and cannot be used for commercial advertising purposes.

An Editorial Use Only image can be used:

An Editorial Use Only image cannot be used:

Audio performer release document

This document is used only for video and audio files

Download your universal Property Release document : http://lifeographies.com/utilities/talent_release_ALL.jpg



Free Online Keywording Tool, IPTC editor, suggestions for photo tags

↔ source: http://www.arcurs.com/keywording/ and http://www.shutterstock.com/blog/our-new-keyword-suggestions-tool-is-here

» http://www.arcurs.com/keywording/index.php

"This tool will suggest keywords based on similar images, and it lets you compare keyword popularity. The site aims to serve the needs of photographers and illustrators in their quest to tag/keyword their images. It helps you to easily find proper keywords that people are actually using in their searching process. If you choose keywords while taking into consideration their popularity among customers, you can significantly increase your income from the sales of your images. However, only going for the "top" keywords and you compete against the giants of this industry."




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